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Capsized ArtPlease explore this section to find books and articles that I and my associates have authored, or other books that we have found among the best available in the marine and survival fields. Follow the links to find reviews and other information on each. Generally, these texts fall into two categories. Many stories may be set in the marine world but address universal human issues, such as defining one's self or finding meaning in one's life through undertaking adventures or facing adversity. Other texts deal with technical aspects of the marine trades, from design and construction to seamanship and sailing techniques. Our lists, and the available information regarding them, will likely expand in the future, so keep tuned because we will add pertinent books and articles for further reading.

PlaycatMy associate Kathy Massimini and I also offer publishing services on a selective basis, including writing and/or editing text, preparing indexes, and creating illustrations. We have written newsletters, brochures, and other publications on commission, have co-authored books, and have helped others to shape their own writings for publication. We also can consult with you on various issues related to the publications industry. Feel free to contact us about your needs, but please do not send us manuscripts or other work before we request it. We do not have the time to review unsolicited work and it will not be returned. Our charges for services vary, depending on the project. Please email us to obtain a rate or quote for your project.


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