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Designer Profiles Published by Professional Boatbuilder

Professional Boatbuilder magazine is a sister publication of WoodenBoat. It is available free to professionals in the marine industry and addresses all kinds of technical issues in more depth than is published generally for the lay marine public. I have very much enjoyed writing for Pro Boat because the editors have allowed me to showcase the life work of a number of the world's most innovative designers. In addition, they have given me much greater space, than is the norm for general boating magazines, to detail everything from these designers' overall philosophy and background to technical elements of their designs. On this page, you have access to pdf copies of most of these articles in their entirety as they appeared in Professional Boatbuilder, courtesy of the magazine. If you are a marine professional and not a subscriber already, I strongly recommend that you contact Pro Boat and sign up today. Click on the designers' names to view the articles, which are listed by date of publication from 2000 to 2010, respectively. (Please note: These are large files that can take several seconds to a minute to load, depending on your Internet and computer speeds.)

Nigel Irens has not only created 'round-the-world and cross-ocean multihull record setters, ORMA champions, and record-breaking trend-setting power multihulls but also traditionally styled cruising mononhulls that incorporate the latest technologies (February 2000 issue).

Group Finot is founded on the work of Jean Marie Finot and is one of the world's most successful design firms. Their work includes regularly winning designs for open-class offshore racers, from 21 to 60 feet, and cruising boats for Beneteau and other mass-production builders (April 2000 issue).

Adrian Thompson has never feared to tread where no designer has gone before. His racing trimaran Paragon heavily influenced the future of racing trimaran design and his wave-piercing high-speed powerboats have attracted both the military and forward-thinking yachtspeople (December 2000 issue).

• The Morrelli-Melvin partnership designs winning and workboat multihulls of all types. Even when they worked separately, Gino Morelli and Pete Melvin were innovators. Since teaming up, they have created a Jules Verne record breaker,rocketship beach cats, near-raceboat performing cruising catamarans, production boats, power cats, and work on the America's Cup (August 2001 issue).

Tom Wylie continues to create some of the most beautiful and fast contemporary cruising and racing boats, including offshore downwind sleds and breakthrough one-offs, such as the Mini-Transat winner American Express, whose success re-introduced water ballast to the sailing world (February 2002 issue).

Jim Antrim's record breakers have included everything from offshore trimarans to pedal-powered craft. His 'round-the-can sailboat speedsters, RIBs, wing-masted craft, and shorthanded offshore racers illustrate his eclectic tastes and capabilities (April 2002 issue).

Paul Bieker's International 14 dinghies have dominated the scene for many years, but Bieker's career has also included design work on high-preformance cruisers, Alaskan fishing boats, and America's Cup yachts. His highly engineered innovations have influenced rigs, foils, and practical high-tech construction (December 2002 issue).

Rodger Martin designs many notable offshore racers, but sailors who understand that performance can be an enhancement to both sailing pleasure and safety embrace his elegant curisers. His work, which requires state-of-the-art engineering, has even extended onshore to art installations (June 2008 issue).

Gold Coast Yachts carved a marina and boat-building operation out of the St. Croix, VI, mangroves in the early 1980s, and since then they've delivered more than 100 custom-designed boats, from large sailing catamarans honed for cruising or the day-charter trade to wave-piercing passenger ferries (April 2010 issue).

Dick Newick is to multihull development what Olin Stephens was to monohull designs in the twentieth century. Dick designed and paddled kayaks decades before they were popular and was one of the first to create early purpose-built charter multihulls. His trimarans dominated adventure racing in the 1980s. Dick's aesthetic and philosophy have spread well beyond his own boats (December 2010 issue).

John Harris is the creator of the world's most prolific kit boat company called Chesapeake Light Craft (CLC). His kayak, dinghies, and paddle-board designs are thoughtful and his manuals are easy to follow, with many photos that illustrate how a kit boat goes together. John is an inspiring business person, and he can converse about any of his designs with knowledge, simplicity, and wit (December 2015-January 2016 issue).

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