Solo 22-2 Lines Profile
Solo 22-2 Lines Profile

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Taiwanese Adrift
Taiwanese Adrift

Pi and Richard Parker
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Pi & Richard (Tiger) Parker

Ang & David Sailing in Maine
Ang, David, Me, & Kathy

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January 2012

For those interested in boat designs and books about survival and marine subjects, I have some new material on my website. On the Design page, I've now posted the design of a 22-foot pocket cruiser, the Solo 22-2, which includes photos of the prototype under construction.

I also have created a Bookshelf page that augments the Publications page, giving you access to both Books and Articles written by myself and my associates. The new page offers brief descriptions and links to books by others that I have found to be among the best ever published on a wide variety of voyaging and marine topics. I recommend a few great sailing adventure narratives; some survival, safety, and seamanship books, which include thrilling sailing survival stories as well as inspirational books about survival outside the marine setting; and a handful of technical books concerning everything from oceanography to sail-making. Just hit the bookshelf link above or on the books page.

May 2012

At the end of May, Adrift was in bookstores and libraries in Taiwan and other eastern Asian countries. Ang Lee, the Oscar-winning director of Brokeback Mountain, Crouching Tiger-Hidden Dragon, Sense and Sensibility, and many other spectacular films, wrote a moving forward to this Chinese edition, for which I'm honored and thankful. I also like that the Taiwanese publisher chose my drawing of my liferaft drift across the Atlantic for the cover of the book. I've enjoyed my correspondence and work with the publisher to produce this book in Mandarin Chinese.

Last month, I learned from Houghton Mifflin, Adrift's publisher in the states, that a company in Beijing, China, has licensed the rights to bring out what the Beijing publisher calls a "simple Chinese" version of Adrift. I'm pleased that it will be available sometime next year. Along with the Polish edition, this will be the 17th language in which Adrift has been published since 1986.

August 2012

If you check out the News page from 2011 and the Film-Television page you'll note that I was a nautical and survival consultant on Ang Lee's film Life of Pi, based on Yann Martel's award-winning novel. Ang has been working on this project for four years, and the movie has been in production for the last two years. When Ang and David McGee, the scriptwriter, were first considering taking on the film adaptation of Pi in 2009, they traveled to Maine to visit Kathy and me, to learn what a small boat feels like, and to consult with me. Little did I expect that this complex project would actually come to fruition.

Life of Pi premiered at the New York film festival at the end of September and began coming out in movie theaters around the world in November, gaining great reviews, audience approval, and numerous award nominations, including nine Osars, four of which it won in early 2013. I've been privileged to work with Ang, David McGee, the producers and their assistants; the pros in the props, makeup, wardrobe, art, and visual effects departments; the wave-tank technicians; and I hugely appreciate all the contributing work from the animal, electrical, cinematography, and camera experts as well as the translators, caterers, and drivers who were essential to keep the wheels turning. All the crew are a great bunch of hard working, dedicated, incredibly creative professionals who perform amazing feats. Many have also become great friends, and I hope to have an opportunity to work with them again. I thank them all!

Those of you who belong to BoatU.S. please note that I wrote an article about working on this film. There is a good deal of information about the movie and my role in helping to make it on the Film-Television page of this site. You can find out even more about Life of Pi, as well as preview a trailer of the film, by tapping my Links page or into the International Movie Data Base (IMDb).

This film production has been an outstanding and indelible adventure in my life.


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