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The books on this list are those that I consider among the best I have run across over the years on a range of related subjects. I have them all in my own library, and they have served me very well. Those technically oriented are clearly written and well organized.

The adventure and survival narratives are highly illuminating and inspirational, as well as superbly crafted page turners, which I think will appeal not only to mariners but to anyone interested in a good read.

Readers may find that some of these titles deal with very difficult issues, even death, and I believe that most, if not all, provide essential insights and lessons from which we can all benefit whether we are on the edge of a cliff or leading a "normal" life. Their underlying messages revolve around hope and what we can gain from the most trying circumstances.

In the sailing world, we often say that one should prepare for the worst and let the best take care of itself. This is a lesson by which everyone could live. At sea, especially, we often find that Murphy was an optimist; not only does anything that can go wrong go wrong, but even the things that can't go wrong find some way to do so.

When we learn from others' experiences, though, and prepare ourselves both physically and mentally, we can find how even extreme challenges can provide us with true fulfilment. As such, even the most cautionary tales aid us in our quest for a satisfied life.

Hopefully, however, having these books in hand or the information they supply in mind, you'll be prepared for any ill wind and free to enjoy the more common good times aboard. Self-sufficiency at sea is a prime requisite of seamanship and an enjoyable life aboard. These recommended readings will form a backbone for your own voyaging quests.

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