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Encouraged by my architect father and creative mother, I have drawn, drafted, taken photos, and occasionally painted and worked in other media since I was a young man. Although I sold drawings in high school and college for spending money, and even won a few minor prizes for my "art," I consider myself more illustrator than artist. Most of my commercial work has been used to illustrate books and articles, often to clarify technical issues. Those pieces that are more artsy, such as most of the illustrations I did for Adrift, Capsized, and Survivor, might still be considered "realistic" or at least expressionistic. They attempt to bring readers/viewers into the scene, help them experience what it looks and feels like firsthand.

But even the most apparently super-realistic images are actually quite unrealistic in many ways. I have routinely explored the limits of torturing perspective, taking a viewpoint that could never have been experienced by a human eye, or using various other techniques to make a scene feel more real than a photograph.

Like my love for diverse types of boats, I also love abstract and other styles, and have, for my own joy, played with many of them.

My work has routinely accompanied my own publications, but occasionally I have also been commissioned to illustrate others' articles and books, or to create artwork for private clients. Here you will find many samples. Note that most art is shown in low-resolution scans and copies of photos are much smaller files than the originals.

If you would like to arrange to reproduce and/or publish any of the stock material you find here, please contact me to license its use. If you like what you see, but have a more particular need for something not represented, please inquire. I have a good deal of work not shown here. I also continue to accept Sailboat Sketchcommissions for original art, illustrations, and photos. Fees vary, depending on the scope of the project and intended use.


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