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Since 1977, I have authored hundreds of articles, primarily in the marine field. These have run the gamut from voyaging stories and columns about life aboard to how-to pieces and highly technical articles for those in the marine trades. Among my specialties are design history and trends, seamanship, survival, and voyaging. It's been a joy and privilege to create in-depth profiles of leading designers like Dick Newick, Jean Marie Finot, Nigel Irens, and the late Olin Stephens. Other design pieces have foreshadowed developments in hull shapes, kite sails, hydrofoils, water ballast, dual rudders, streamlined pilot houses, and the multihull evolution. With colleagues, I've tested hundreds of boats and a lot of equipment for articles and special sections about everything from boating contests to optimizing sails, evaluating life rafts, packing ditch kits, and refitting boats. Other sailors' experiences have also provided valuable lessons, from what singlehanders did to jury rig their boats during transocean and round-the-world races to how cruisers handled the infamous Queen's Birthday Storm.

Hopefully more and more of these articles will become available directly on this site or via download. Presently, we offer you links to some already online through third-party sites with which I work, cyber places like Cruising World and Equipped to Survive. You're going to find a lot more of interest on these sites as well, including pieces by such epic mariners as Herb McCormick and associate Alvah Simon. If you are interested in the articles that I've written over the years on boat designers for Professinal Boatbuilder magazine, please click here or on "Pro Boat Articles" highlighted at the bottom right of this page. Note that if you search for my articles on other sites or on search engines, you will obtain different listings when you enter Steven Callahan or Steve Callahan. Enjoy.

• BoatU.S.: "Behind the Scenes with the Original Pi"—article about my work and consultation on the Academy-Award– film Life of Pi

• Cruising World: "Reflections at the Water's Edge"—article about cruising Maine on a beachcat

• Cruising World: "Hurricane Island 30: New Tool for a Timeless Program"—article on new Outward Bound 30s

• Cruising World: "Catamaran Overview: Catapulting to the Future"—review of catamaran design features (without illustrations)

"Starship to Oceania," a version first published in Cruising World magazine (March 2001)—article about my sailing with Russell Brown aboard his 36-foot proa from San Francisco Bay to Tahiti:(Note: pdf file that can take a minute to download)

• Cruising World: Go to this site and search "Steve Callahan" for various articles, especially brief boat reviews

• Professional Boatbuilder: my articles on boat designers. If you are a builder, designer, or other professional in the marine industry, you also can subscribe to Pro Boat at the magazine's website for your free digital subscription and search "Steven Callahan" for all my articles

• Equipped to Survive: "The Life Raft: Don't Leave Your Ship Without It"—evaluating life raft features

• IASST: "Fatigue and Stress in Small Craft and Lifesaving Boats"—presentation on fatigue relating to life boats (text only)

• New York Times: "A Sea So Great, A Raft So Small"—review of Narrative of a Voyage to Senegal, the true story of the raft of the Medusa

• Small Boat Journal: "Frances 26"—1985 review of the 26-foot sailboat designed by Chuck Paine

• Questions for Living: "Adrift"—brief questions I asked myself during liferaft drift

• Skyhorse Publishing: "Introduction"—2014 edition of Kon Tiki.

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