Although I've become best known for my writings, consulting services, and speaking engagements, since 1976 I've been a jack of all trades in the boating industry. For TV and feature films, I've designed and constructed props and provided research, commentary, script review, and other serices dealing with all types of nautical and survival issues. In addition to my artwork and photographs, I offer books and other publications on survival, boating, and oceanic adventures. I and/or my colleagues consult with clients to help them find or design the right boat, prepare for voyaging, and enhance safety systems. We deliver technical presentations on a wide range of topics to sailors and entertain and enlighten audiences of all stripes with accounts of amazing life-changing voyages that offer applicable lessons for both businesses and individuals. We deliver boats and can accompany our more novice clients on early training passages.

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Steven Callahan

For media interviews, TV or film consulting, and speaking inquiries, please contact Sandra Goroff at 617-750-0555 or via email at sgma@aol.com. Click here for my full bio and on the navigation bar for my publications, designs, consulting services, photos, and speaking engagements. See also my mission statement.


David JonesDavid Jones, an Olympic sailor in 1972, specializes in brokering classic boats—from traditional schooners, cruisers, cutters, yawls, ketches, and sloops to more modern replicas. I assist David in finding multihulls or contemporary monohulls for his clients.

Kathleen MassiminiKathleen Massimini has been sailing for 25 years and thrives on passage-making and living aboard. She is a writer and editor and prepares boats for offshore sailing. We have sailed many miles together and collaborated on boating and writing projects since 1982.

Michael TougiasMichael Tougias is the author of 19 books, many on survival and rescue. Through his stories and speaking engagements, audiences learn how to make decisions under pressure. His latest book, Overboard! is a testament to all survivors and their rescuers.

Alvah SimonAlvah Simon spent 13 years sailing around the world and exploring jungles, ice, and their inhabitants. He is an inspiring writer and speaker on adventuring and North to the Night, a saga about his Arctic experience with his wife, Diana, and cat, Halifax.

John OtterbacherJohn Otterbacher calls his life "a series of adventures." He was a politician and clinical psychologist, but after 8 heart attacks, he and his family sailed 4,000 miles. Now John is a writer and public speaker on sailing, survival, and celebrating each moment.
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Steve WeissSteven Weiss has been a yacht designer since 1983 at Lazarra Marine, Hinckley, Oyster, and Morris Yachts. Now he is a freelance CAD and 3D systems designer. We have collaborated on boat designs and sailed many offshore miles together.

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